Terminator Genisys Review: Old Man Yells At Cloud, The Movie

The Terminator series has always had an uneasy relationship with technology. The franchise relies on advancing tech to make its villains look cooler, while simultaneously (and ironically) warning about the dangers of our continued reliance on technology. Terminator Genisys—my new favorite bad Terminator movie—has… »7/11/15 2:31pm7/11/15 2:31pm

"What Did You Expect From Game of Thrones?" is a Bullshit Argument

I stopped watching Game of Thrones after the first episode or two. I couldn’t handle it. The rape, the incest, the children getting thrown from windows. There was a lot of gruesome stuff in those first 52 minutes. Some would say that means I shouldn’t be surprised by what I’ve seen in season 5. Except some of those… »6/09/15 12:35pm6/09/15 12:35pm

To Everyone Who Thinks Miles Morales Would "Confuse" Moviegoers...

Ever since Marvel announced that it would include Spider-Man in the MCU, there has been a not-insignificant amount of people clamoring for Miles Morales. Some, however, think that having a Spider-Man movie without Peter Parker would be too confusing for the typical movie-going audience. But honestly... »2/23/15 2:18pm2/23/15 2:18pm

Dear Retailers: Please Do Holiday Deals Like This From Now On

I hate Black Friday. I hate it. I've worked retail enough years of my life to grow cynical as people with far more money than sense trample my friends and coworkers to save a few dollars on something that won't buy their child's love. Cyber Monday is a reprieve, but no one's done it quite as well as Motorola. »12/01/14 2:34pm12/01/14 2:34pm

Captain America: The Winter Soldier: The Boy Scout is All Grown Up

Five months ago, I wrote about Thor: The Dark World. In that review, I suggested that not only did that movie finally do the Thor lore justice, but that it proved the Marvel Cinematic Universe had reached a stable level of maturity. Captain America: The Winter Soldier continues that tradition. »4/04/14 3:18am4/04/14 3:18am

In Defense of Wash's Death

I recently came across this article wherein an avid Firefly fan attempts to prove with Science that Wash didn't really die. Spoilers if you want to read it yourself, but the article ends the same way the movie did: Sadly. But maybe that's okay. »1/27/14 3:28pm1/27/14 3:28pm

Thor: The Dark World Proves Marvel's Ready to Rule Nine Realms

In 1978, the first Superman movie came to theaters brandishing the tagline "You'll believe a man can fly." The audacious notion was also a simple one: that notion of fantasy you held as a child, that aspiration towards the impossible that so many grow out of will be revived and, in the scope of a single feature film,… »11/08/13 5:26pm11/08/13 5:26pm