Well that would explain what the fuck happened to Hans Zimmer in Amazing Spider-Man 2. This email was sent six months before ASM2 came out. Seems like more than enough time to shoehorn some EDM crap. » 4/23/15 10:37pm Thursday 10:37pm

Chrome to Phone feels like (buggy, unreliable) training wheels for Pushbullet. May as well upgrade. Does everything you just said (without randomly waiting a million years), plus dozens of other cool things. » 4/23/15 10:16pm Thursday 10:16pm

Google Settings Is a Super Useful Android App You've Probably Ignored

Way back in 2013, Google quietly added the “Google Settings” app to Android (not to be confused with Android’s normal “Settings” app). At first it didn’t have much, but over the years, it’s added a ton of useful features, especially for the privacy-conscious. If you haven’t checked it in awhile, it’s worth a second… » 4/22/15 10:00am Wednesday 10:00am

Permanently Get Rid of Those Annoying Full Screen Video Warnings

Chrome: If you’ve ever full-screened a video in Chrome, you’ve probably seen the redundant warning letting you know that a site wants to full-screen a video. If you’d rather not tell your browser that, yes, you meant to do that every single time, here’s how to permanently remove the permission request. » 4/22/15 4:30am Wednesday 4:30am

Opt Out of Interest-Based Ads to Get Less Creepy Ads on Android

Android: No one likes ads, but they can get particularly creepy when you’re not sure how an ad knew you might be interested in something in the first place. If you’d like your ads a little on the less-personal side, you can disable interest-based ads in the Google Settings app. » 4/21/15 4:30am Tuesday 4:30am